Sales Tax Audits
State sales tax auditors can be very intimidating.  HCF&L can mitigate the stress of dealing with government auditors.  We can serve as the contact person for your business and defend your sales tax positions.  The usual result?  Thousands of tax dollars saved.

Reverse sales tax audits, on the other hand, are peformed at the request of business owners.  Sales tax laws are very complex.  Consider the following: a business purchases rock from Delaware.  Did you realize that depending upon the shipping terms of the rock, the rock will either be subject to sales tax or not? The purpose of a reverse sales tax audit, is to provide education in regard to these complex laws and identify areas where sales tax is being overpaid.

For assistance in regard to a sales tax audit or to discuss the advantages of a reverse sales tax audit, please contact us or complete the form below for a free consultation.

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